Note Histore

In 1994, BLANC D’IVOIRE is created and success is immediate.
Trade and end customers intuitively understand this new concept which mixes together past with new trends.
Over the further twenty years, BLANC D’IVOIRE  have been carrying on creating and developping  its  elegant , simple style, a style that can easily fit in any room of a home.
The traditional desk is revamped, the range expands and new designs are added twice a year, at each season, to enrich the collection.
The interest for BLANC D’IVOIRE crosses the borders and soon it is appealing to the most remote countries, to furnish hotels in the antipodes. In France as well, hotels are being re-decorated and adopting this style and its contemporary charm with enthusiasm.
BLANC D’IVOIRE‘s success relies both on the concept of this new life style, its design and the unique diversity of their collections, so easy to mix together.
Today, as a reference- brand, BLANC D’IVOIRE are following the trends while developing and re-interpreteting them with their unique touch in order to integrate them in their ranges.